Le monde ovale de Pierre Mac Orlan

from 23 September 2023 to 10 December 2023

illustrationIllustrating the World Rugby Cup, an exhibition shows the works of artists friends or appreciated by Pierre Mac Orlan in the Musée de Seine et Marne in Saint-Cyr sur Morin (Pierre Mac Orlan's home)
André Lhote is exhibited among the artists.

Sava Sumanovic and Réalisas in Europe between the two World Wars

21 September 2023

illustrationThe exhibition Sava Sumanovic and Realisms in Europe Between the Two Wold Wars, was held in the Pavel Beljanski memorial, as a programme content of the "Novi Sad- European Capital of Culture" the catalogue and paintings were exhibited in June in Paris at the "Maison de la Serbie". The catalogue is in three languages: Serbian, English and French.
André Lhote and académie are presented in an essay by Sofia Milencovic: "From model to instrument:Sava Sumanovic and artistic and theoretical universe of André Lhote(1921-1924)

Andre Lhote'academy and its Swiss students

14 October 2022

There are currently 71 Swiss painters who have attended the André Lhote's academy. A number came from the Bernese Jura and Bienne. The André Lhote's Academy, his teatching and these are discussed in the Swiss review "Intervalles" n°122 (Spring 2022)

André Lhote the rebellious painter of the Bassin d'Arcachon

from 06 June 2022 to 30 July 2022

On June 6th, Arte programme "L'Invitation au voyage", was about André Lhote and his relationship with the Bassin d'Arcachon. The replay is available until the end of July.


Monaco-Alexandrie. Le Grand détour. Villes mondes et surréalisme cosmopolite.

from 17 December 2021 to 02 May 2022

illustrationThe exhibition “Monaco-Alexandrie. Le Grand detour” in the Nouveau Musée national de Monaco, is a “dialogue between two emblematic Mediterranean ports. By tracing numerous routes, they invite us to reconsider the history of modernity relying on large ensembles of artworks and themes which exceed national and official histories in order to chart the artists’ multiple paths, their encounters, and the abundance of both their interactions and influences”
André Lhote with the Egyptian painters of his academy, is here and in the catalogue in the text of Mehri Khalil “The Academie Lhote: a rite of passage”.

André Lhote exhibition

from 01 July 2021 to 31 August 2021

illustrationPatrice de Ginestet and Antoine Crumeyrolle, would be honored by your visit to the André Lhote exhibition which will be held from July 1 to August 31 2021.
Galerie 50 Péri
21 rue Gabriel Péri
83740 La Cadière-d'Azur

René Pècherat, Les années André Lhote, Gordes-Paris, 1940-1943

07 January 2021

illustrationAndré Lhote's teaching is in the spotlight thanks to the publication of the book:

René Pécherat, les années André Lhote, Gordes-Paris, 1940-1943
Par Antoine Perriol et Valérie Baud. Éditions Vent Solars.

This book is a testimony of the artistic learning by a young 18 years old painter, who came to Gordes to follow André Lhote's lessons.

André Lhote and his international students book launch video

12 November 2020

The video of the book launch Lhote and his international students is now on line.
Click on the link


André Lhote and his international Students- Villa Vassilieff

from 16 October 2020 to 16 October 2020

illustrationBook Launch: André Lhote and His International Students
Friday, October 16, 2020, from 6 to 7 p.m.
Online con­fer­ence with: Dominique Bermann Martin,
Fanny Drugeon, Zeynep Kuban and Simone Wille.

On the 16th of October, from 6pm to 7pm, meet us online for a con­ver­sa­tion about the book André Lhote and His International Students, on the occa­sion of its pub­li­ca­tion by inns­bruck uni­ver­sity press.

The event will take place exclu­sively online, and will begin with the pre­sen­ta­tion of the book by its two edi­tors, Zeynep Kuban and Simone Wille. This will be fol­lowed by a time of con­ver­sa­tion, mod­er­ated by Fanny Drugeon, art his­to­rian and spe­cialist in 20th cen­tury cos­mopolitan Paris, and in the pres­ence of Dominique Bermann-Martin, expert and niece of André Lhote. This con­ver­sa­tion will be held in English and French.

To join the Zoom con­ver­sa­tion, reg­ister at this link:­ister/WN_WZ5QpnJWQ36AVqQv2a8oZA.

The event will also be broad­cast live on face­book

André Lhote and His International Students

from 14 March 2020 to 14 March 2020

The launching of the book André Lhote and His International Students planed in the Villa Vassilieff on march 14th is postponed to a later date. We'll inform you as soon as possible. The book is available by Innsbruck University Press.

link: https://www://

André Lhote and His International Students

14 March 2020

illustrationOn March 14 at 4 p.m., Villa Vassilieff, 21 Avenue du Maine 75015 Paris, will host a conversation in its library about André Lhote and the international influence of his teaching. On this occasion, the book André Lhote and His International Students (Innsbruck University press), will be presented by its two editors Zeynep Kuban Professor at the University of Istanbul (ITU) and Simone Wille, Professor at the Innsbruck University, who will discuss these topics with Dominique Bermann Martin, expert and niece of André Lhote, Fanny Drugeon, art historian, specialist in the cosmopolitan Paris of the 20th century, as well as Karin Siden and Anna Meister, respectively Director and Archivist of the Waldemarsudde Museum in Stockholm.
This book highlights the legacy of André Lhote's teaching and in particular the role he played in spreading modernism abroad. Teacher in several art academies in Montparnasse until the founding of his own academy 18 rue d'Odessa in 1925, he attracted many artists from all over the world. Due to the painter's archives it is possible, at the present time, to draw up a list of more than 1600 artists who have followed André Lhote in Paris as well as in the landscape classes on the grounds that he was dispensing the summers in Mirmande (from 1926) Gordes (1938) and La Cadière d'Azur (1948).
André Lhote and His International Students, is a collection of 13 essays by specialists of Turkish, Pakistani, Indian, Egyptian, Mexican, Australian, Yugoslav, South American, Swedish, Japanese and Iranian artists; illuminating the significant way in which the painter, through his teaching, his writings and his art practice, was able to transmit in a theoretical and formal way the modernist tendencies of art in the 20th century. This book, thus, is not only a recognition of an unjustly neglected artist, but also demonstrates how, thanks to him, artists from all over the world have contributed, reinterpreted and disseminated, the modernist movements that circulated in Paris during this period. Finally, André Lhote and His International Students, reports a microcosmic vision of a cosmopolitan Paris, that was shaped by the convergent flow and circulation of artists from all over the world.

André Lhote and His International Students

14 March 2020

illustrationLa réunion de samedi 14 mars à la Villa Vassiliev autour du livre André Lhote et ses étudiants internationaux est annulée et sera reportée à une date ultérieure que nous ne manquerons pas d'indiquer dès qu'elle sera définie. Le livre André Lhote and His International students est néanmoins en vente auprès d'Innsbruck univesity press

link: https://www://

Cubism at the Centre Pompidou: where did André Lhote go?

09 January 2019 published the 9th of january 2019, an article entitled "Cubisme à Pompidou: où est donc passé André Lhote?" by Françoise Garcia, honorary heritage curator at the Bordeaux's Museum. The author questioned the absence of André Lhote's works in the "Cubisme" exhibition. She underlined the painter had devoted all of his time to the defence and illustration of this artistic movement.

Roger de La Fresnaye, the cubism temptation

from 14 October 2018 to 10 February 2019

illustrationThe Paul Dini Museum (Villefranche-sur-Saône, about 30 km at the north of Lyon, France) chose to explore the career of an artist prematurely dead from injuries suffered during the First World War: Roger de La Fresnaye in the exhibition “Roger de La Fresnaye, the Cubism temptation” from October 14th to Februar 10th 2019.
With artists such as Albert Gleizes, André Lhote, Jean Metzinger, Jacques Villon, whose paintings are also exhibited, Roger de La Fresnaye contributed to reveal the cubism to the public of the 1910s.
Six André Lhote’s paintings from 1911 to 1918 are exhibited.
A complete catalog is available.

Correlating cultural and ideological positions: André Lhote, Paris, and his former international students

from 11 December 2017 to 12 December 2017

illustrationFor many early to mid-twentieth century artists from around the world André Lhote's (1885-1962)theoritical and practical lessons were a basis for the development of individual and regional modernisms. The conference seeks to analyse to what extent André Lhote, as a key figure in global modernism and until now unjustly neglected, was able to give rise to forms of artistic production.
Introduction by Zeynep Kuban and Simone Wille
Dominique Bermann Martin:"The life of André Lhote"
Fanny Drugeon, Art historian, Paris:"From Paris to Mirmande, international aspects of Lhote's academy through Lhote's writings and correspondance."
Karin Siden, General director/Anna Meister, head of archive,Prins Eugen, Waldemarsudde museum, Stockholm, visio-presentation:"Form and colour-André Lhote and Swedish cubism. About the current exhibition at the Waldemarsudde Museum."
Michelle Greet, director, art history program, George Mason university, Fairfax, Va.U.S.A. "latin american artists at the Academy Lhote".
Alejandra Ortiz Castanares, Florence, Universita degli studi di Firenze: "Manuel Rodriguez Lozano, the mexican "purist"."
Vesna Burojevic/Zana Gvozdenovic, art historian, curator and director "Sava Sumanovic" Gallery/Belgrade: "Sava Sumanovic and other serbian painters in André Lhote's atelier in Paris."
Jamaleddin Toomajnia, Phd candidate ITÜ, Istanbul:"Jalil Ziapour an Iranian Student in the Académie Lhote."
Simone Wille, Vienna, University of Innsbruck:"Towards Artistic forms in India and Pakistan. Shakir Ali and Jehangir Sabavala".
Zeynep Kuban, ITÜ-Art history Graduate Program:"An overview of the Turlish students attending to the Academie Lhote."
Tracey Lock Weir, Curator of Australian paintings and sculpture, Art Gallery of South Australia,Adelaïde: video presentation, "Adelaïde-based artist Dorrit Black"
David Burzillo, History teacher and school archivist, Weston, Ma. U.S.A. video-presentation:" In service of humanity and Art: the lives of Caroline Rogers Hill".

Form and colour - André Lhote and swedish cubism

from 16 September 2017 to 21 January 2018


Many Swedish artists studied under André Lhote. This exhibition is the first to focus on the extensive but unknown teacher-student relationships that began in the early 1910s between Lhote and his first Swedish students, Georg Pauli and Prince Eugen. In the ensuing five decades, Pauli and Eugen were followed by several generations of Swedish painters; some50 of these are featured in this presentation, including Siri Derkert, Olle Beartling, Philip von Schrantz and Elsa Danson Waghals. Works by Georges Braque, Robert Delaunay and other artists are also shown in the exhibition.