The Association André Lhote, under the law of 1st July, 1901, and the decree of 16th August 1901, has for object the promotion and the protection of the works and memory of the painter André Lhote (Bordeaux, 5th July 1885-Paris, 24th January 1962) in any way, both present or in the future, as well as exercising rights which may be bestowed by the beneficiary of André Lhote.

Association's actions

The Association's actions are to organise or participate in any initiative which could contribute to the realisation of the object of the Association, specifically setting up or participating in any exhibitions or communication operations connected with the works of André Lhote, in any way possible. Publications, classes, studies, conferences, study groups, films, radio or television programmes relative to Lhote's works or memory and to protect from eventual abuse. The sale of all products or services which could be connected with the realisation of the aims of the Association. In general term,by all means which could facilitate the advancement of the Association.

Head Office:
Paris: 8 rue du Cloitre Notre-Dame, 75004 Paris, France
Postal address: BP 17 - 93340 Le Raincy, France
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