Descriptive catalogue

Descriptive catalogue, authentication and protection of the works of André Lhote:

The archives of André Lhote are private records. Madame Dominique Bermann Martin, beneficiary of the painter and guardian of his works, has ensured the filing and descriptive cataloging of the painter's works over many years.

The wealth of these archives gave birth to an extensive descriptive catalogue, including :

The chronological description of each of his works, year by year, with measurements, characteristics, photos in black and white or in colour. When possible, a photo of the rear side of the work is also reproduced. Each report carries written details, by the artist, where possible, or descriptive books or correspondance with the painter, or from the exhibition listings. The critical fortune attached to the work is reproduced, as well as research by universities, should it be the case. Each year is sub-divided by theme, allowing insight into the artist's chosen subjects at that time.

Several university specialists, interested in André Lhote's works, contribute to the catalogue.

In her position of beneficiary, Dominique Bermann Martin is the sole person capable of delivering certificates of authenticity and to give opinions on the paintings.

In case of doubt, the works can be given for examination to a committee of university specialists for consultation.

For opinion or certificate of authenticity kindly make request to: or

Association André Lhote
B.P. 17
93340 Le Raincy, France